An Intergenerational Study of the Use of Smart Technology in Modern Irish Society: Key Understandings of Technological Aesthetics

When: Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 12 pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Presentations last ~30mins, followed by a short discussion

Adil Cahit Ansaroglu (UCC)


The aim of this research is to critically examine the crucial part of the smartphone that often goes unrecognised by modern society – the importance of aesthetics of the hardware and software of smartphones. This study aims to explore the importance of aesthetics for the consumption of smartphones with a particular focus on intuitiveness. In order to achieve this, it examines key concepts concerning people’s relationships with these devices which have emerged from a thematic analysis, including intuitiveness, privacy, addiction and social class. To date, there have been no published studies that investigate the intuitiveness of smartphones; most existing studies tend to focus on the external aesthetics of technology along with the usability of these devices. This study indicates that intuitiveness in a smartphone specifically has a positive and significant effect on the continuance of smartphone usage among younger and older generations. The findings of this research will attempt to show that the “what is beautiful and intuitive is usable” notion, which assumes that aesthetics enhances the perception of usability includes adaptability, ease of use and intuitiveness of the device for the user.

About the Speakers

Adil Cahit Ansaroglu is currently in the fourth year (part-time) of his PhD in Digital Humanities at UCC. He also works full time for Apple. His research interests centre on the intersection of technology and humanities. His current PhD research involves an intergenerational study of the use of smart technology, with a particular emphasis on smartphones in Irish society, as well as society’s shifting role in relation to technological changes.

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