Born Digital and Digital Remastering: An introduction to the preservation challenges

When: Wednesday 20 November, 12 pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Emma Horgan (Archivist, Special Collections, Boole Library, UCC)

In the modern world, more and more of our everyday content is being produced in a purely digital format. Through the medium of film, this talk will explore some of the challenges that arise in the move to preserve the content of the 21st century for the future. It will open the discussion of how today’s content creators will affect the future of film preservation, and access.

About the Speaker

Emma Horgan is one of the archivists in Special Collections and Archives in the Boole Library. Prior to joining UCC in 2016, she was the first archivist for the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin, and project archivist for the Irish Distillers Archive in Midleton. Her professional interests include Digital Preservation, Digitisation, and Born-Digital Artefacts.

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