Studying the Use of Colour​ in Ancient Paintings

When: Wednesday 30 October, 12 pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Studying the Use of Colour​ in Ancient Paintings

Xiao Shuang (UCC)

Color is a major part of the world. It is not only an important part of people’s perception and understanding of the world, but also an important way for people to narrative and express their feelings. Due to the discovery history of pigment minerals, different cultures, political backgrounds and aesthetics in different periods have had an important influence on the use of color, which has created different situations in the use of color in ancient paintings. Therefore, through the analysis of the use of color in ancient paintings, not only can we obtain the research results of art, but also involve important issues such as political, economic, cultural development and communication, which is an important angle of our concern for society. This presentation mainly summarizes the existing research results of Chinese and Western colors on ancient paintings, as well as the currently available research tools. Based on this, some feasible research perspectives are proposed.

About the Speaker

Xiao, Shuang (Henan, China, 20 Dec. 1992 – ), 2018 PhD Candidate of Digital Humanities, University College Cork, in receipt of a four-year scholarship of China Scholarship Council, an editor of Chinese academic journal Digital Humanities(《数字人文》). Research interests: graphic narratives, semiotics, text and image analysis. Recent publications: Temporality of Graphic narratives(《图画叙事的时间性问题》),Signs and Media(《符号与传媒》)No.18, Jan. 2019, p91-111; From Encoding/Decoding to Representation(《从“编码/解码”走向“表征”》), Cultural Studies(《文化研究》)No.29, July 2017, p138-149.

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