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Course Map

Students take 90 Credits as follows:

Part I: Taught Components

Core Modules

Semester 1

DH6013 Getting Started with Graduate Research and Generic Skills (5 credits)

DH6032 Communities of Practice in Digital Scholarship (10 credits)

DH6033 Conceptual Introduction to Digital Arts and Humanities (10 credits)

Semester 2

DH6003 Digital Humanities Institute (5 credits)

DH6034 Humanities and New Technologies: Tools and Methodologies (10 credits)


plus 20 credits from the following elective modules:

CS6102 Graphics for Interactive Media (5 credits)

CS6103 Audio and Sound Engineering (5 credits)

CS6104 Digital Video Capture and Packaging (5 credits)

CS6117 Audio Processing (5 credits)

DH6006 Teaching and Learning in Digital Humanities (5 credits)

DH6007 Models, Simulations and Games (5 credits)

DH6012 Contemporary Practices in Publishing and Editing (5 credits)

DH6014 Digital Skills for Research Postgraduates in the Humanities and Social Science (5 credits)

DH6018 History and Theory of Digital Arts (5 credits)

DH6026 Principles of Game Design (5 credits)

DH6028 Narrative and System Design (5 credits)

DH6031 Game User Research (5 credits)

MU6031 Sound Studies and Musicology (5 credits)

Part II: Dissertation and Artefact

DH6035 Digital Arts and Humanities MA Dissertation (30 credits)

A dissertation of a maximum of 12-15,000 words and accompanying digital artefact must be submitted by 2nd September 2019 at 23:59 via Turnitin. Two softbound printed copies of your dissertation must be submitted (along with any accompanying digital material on an attached USB stick or DVD) to the Digital Arts and Humanities Office ORB 2.22."

As this is a core part of the accomplishment of the MA in Digital Arts and Humanities this part of the programme will involve the dedication of time throughout the course and spans both semesters. The dissertation will typically be composed of 5 sections:Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Research/Results, Discussion/Conclusions. Building towards the dissertation happens throughout the year:

Annotated Bibliography Submission Date: Nov 2018

Literature Review Submission Date: Dec 2018

Formal Project Proposal Submission Date: Feb 2019

Reflection Submission Date: 1 May 2019

Methodology Submission Date: 30 May 2019

Research/Results Submission Date: 15 June 2019

Introduction Submission Date: 15 July 2019

Full Draft Submission Date: 1 August 2019

Complete Dissertation Submission Date: 2 September 2019

Your supervisor (and module instructors) are happy to work with you on these sections in advance of submission. If you provide a draft version 2 weeks prior to the due date for the section an instructor will review and provide comments to aid you in your submission once each submission cycle. Your supervisor will review your completed full draft if it is submitted prior to 1 August 2018. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time for your supervisor to review and provide timely feedback.

A formal project proposal will be presented in addition to the particular sections as part of the DAH Institute DH6003. This will proposal/plan will describe the shape of the eventual dissertation project and will build on the sections submitted to that point.

Although specific assignments in each module will contribute substantially towards the completion of these sections, to complete an academic dissertation you are expected to present a cohesive and professional submission demonstrating a unified narrative and cohesive argument. Individual module submissions for course modules will inform this process but will not be adequate as final section contributions for the dissertation.

Assignments must be submitted via Blackboard and Document submissions will not be accepted via email.

Assessments for the Core Modules

All core module assessments involve individual and group written work and presentations. The usual extent of the assessed work in a 5 Credit module is about 5,000 words, or equivalent. First Semester Assessments will be due in the second week of December 2018.