Just How Much Do We Know About Our Own Digital Identities?

This exciting and timely digital project by Dee Brady explores how individuals perceive their digital identity and questions whether the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation made has made an impact on these perceptions.

Dee surveyed existing perceptions through an environmental scan building on existing research, conducting surveys and has created an informative and engaging website both to share the results and also allow you to consider your perceptions of digital identity. Although her finding reinforces just how little we are aware of the far-reaching privacy and security implications of our digital identities, research and development of educational resources such as this website contribute to raising this awareness and also helping to create more informed digital citizens.

The website is available at The Digital Identity Guide.

She concludes by affirming that “Educating individuals about their rights from the GDPR and what their digital identity is and how to protect it is incredibly important for all internet users to know and understand.”

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