Q&d lesson 11

Week 11
Information Visualisation 4: Net and Relation Vis

Date: Tuesday, April 10 – 16:00-18:00
Location: DAH Active Learning Space

LectureNet and Relationship Visualisation Click for more options

VideoNetwork and Relationship Info Visualisation


  1. Tutorial on GEPHI
  2. Histograph
  3. Mapping Shakespeare’s Tragedies – Martin Grandjean
  4. Exploring Dáil Data – Dave Kelly
  5. The Star Wars Social Network – Evelina Gabasova
  6. Panama Papers– ICIJ
  7. Kindred Britain– Stanford
  8. Visualisation of Visualisations
  9. Onodo (Star Wars above in Onodo)
  10. Cytoscape
  11. Pajek
  12. NodeXL
  13. Netminer
  14. Social Networks Visualiser
  15. Polinode
  16. sigma.js
  17. Loxaweb

A couple useful academic examples:

  1. Jenna Townend, “Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Early Modern Networks: The Case of George Herbert and his Imitators,” Literature Compass (2016)
  2. Michael Gavin, “Historical Text Networks: The Sociology of Early English Criticism,” Eighteenth-Century Studies (2016)
  3. Ruth Ahnert, “Protestant Letter Networks in the Reign of Mary I: A Quantitative Approach,” ELH (2015)
  4. Evan Bourke, “Female Involvement, Membership, and Centrality: A Social Network Analysis of the Hartlib Circle,” Literature Compass (2017)
  5. Scott Selisker, “The Bechdel Test and the Social Form of Character Networks,” New Literary History (2015)