Wireless Screen Sharing – User Guide

Wireless screen sharing software allows multiple users to share their own device screens to any of the displays in the room without the need for wires.

Mirroring 360 – User guide

In selected areas UCC is currently piloting the use of  the screen mirroring software solution – Mirroring 360.

This is now installed on the four collaborative areas and on the Main Presenter Screen.

For details on how to use this application click here.

Be mindful of displaying private/personal data and images especially when sharing your phone screen/device to a display screen  e.g. iPhone keypad screen maybe displayed while entering passwords. 

To avoid confusion the other screen mirroring software solution Solstice is now only available  on the large touchscreen area for demonstration purposes. Solstice may not be fully functional as the software license has expired and doesn’t have the most recent version. If both Solstice and Mirroring 360  are running simultaneously they can cause a conflict so if you wish to review Solstice on the large touchscreen please close Mirroring 360 first.


Solstice Basic user guide ( only on Large Touchscreen):

For more detailed information on how to use Solstice by Mersive, refer to the Solstice online manual

Ensure Solstice software is running on the host/screen you want to connect to. If not, select the icon on the desktop or search for Solstice in Windows.


You will see a screen like this, once the software is running.


Ensure you are connected to the UCC wireless Eduroam network on your client device e.g. iPad, Laptop etc.

On first connection you  will need to download the Solstice Client app to your laptop/smart device, this is used for any subsequent connections and to control what content you share to the screen.

Enter the number displayed on the screen to connect (e.g. IP address in  any browser (e.g. Chrome or IE) on your device. It should automatically direct you to download the app for your respective device i.e. iPhone iPad (App store), Android ( Google Play store). Or in the case of Windows the app will download automatically.

Or, alternatively click here on the IP addresses below for the respective screens in the DH room.
Large Touch-Screen: Dahtouch –


Select ‘Connect!’ after the app has been installed or else enter the IP address  into the Solstice app to connect. On first connection you will be prompted for you name and a screen key visible on the Solstice display.

The Solstice client software app for iOS and Android devices has a slightly different user interface than the app for Windows and Mac OS X clients.

For example if you are connecting from a laptop  you would select e.g. share desktop. To mirror your screen in iOs the you would select Mirror Screen  (see below for further instructions on iOs and Airplay)


Switch ‘Desktop Audio’ on to share audio if connecting from a PC or windows laptop (There maybe limitations depending on sharing audio from an Android device). On iOS ( iPad and iPhone) audio is shared through Airplay, see below.

For, iOs (iPhone, iPad) users, Solstice uses harnesses Apple’s screen Mirroring Technology Airplay to mirror the entire screen.


1.Select Mirror Screen.
Airplay mirroring is accomplished through the device’s native AirPlay® feature, using a similar process as connecting to an Apple TV. To mirror your iOS 7, 8, and 9* devices with AirPlay®, follow these steps:
2. Swipe upward from the bottom of your screen to open the iOS Control Center.
3. Tap the AirPlay® button, select the desired Solstice display, and enable mirroring.
4. If prompted, enter the screen key visible on the Solstice display.


If different users are connected select ‘Control’ within the Solstice client App to move around and change how individual user devices are displayed e.g. Full screen etc.



Any screens you have connected to previously see below,  should be remembered within the app for easier future connections. Otherwise follow the steps above to connect again.


Other Solstice functionality 

Camera – access the device’s native camera and take a photo to share to the display.
Take Video – access the device’s native camera and take a video to share to the display.
Mirror Screen – mirror the device screen on the display as a media post. This feature is supported for devices running iOS 7 or newer and Android version 5.0 Lollipop and newer. Users running older versions of iOS and Android will see a ‘Webview’ option instead of ‘Mirror Screen’.

Webview – browse the web to access the web content you want to share on the display, including cloud applications present on the Webview homepage: Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSync, Google Search, Google Drive, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Box. Users with iOS 7 or newer and Android version 5.0 Lollipop or newer can show web content and more by mirroring their device screen. Therefore, the ‘Webview’ sharing option is replaced with a ‘Mirror Screen’ option for these users.

Public File – browse to and share media in the designated public folder on the Solstice host PC (not available when connected to a Solstice Pod).

Browser Look-In allows users to view the Solstice session from a browser on their device without the need for Solstice client software app. This feature is useful when a user wants to view the Solstice display on their device and/or does not require the ability to share or control content on the display. This allows many viewers to view a device screen from their own device.

When enabled, users can access the browser look-in via a link from the Solstice client software app or by browsing to the display IP address and selecting ‘Browser Look-In’ in the bottom left corner of the page.


Solstice technology is brand new wireless and its development is ongoing. There are challenges in supporting varying protocols of a wide variety of platforms. The advantage of it being a software solution is that in the case of any issues or limitations (possibly with audio or video) users can revert back to using the traditional PC by simply closing the software and using the traditional PC set-up to share any content.

Click here for the presenter guide and other methods to connect to the screen e.g. HDMI

Be mindful especially when sharing your phone screen of displaying personal data.Make sure to disconnect your device before leaving the room.

For further detail Solstice online manual