MA Digital Arts + Humanities

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MA Digital Arts & Humanities Course Handbook

The postgrad handbook for the MA in Digital Arts & Humanities at University College Cork.

Welcome & Staff Details

Calendar & Course Details

Course Map

Core Modules

Sources of Information

Policies & Guidelines


Writing & Digital Presence

Technical Requirements

Support Services

Important Notes

First Group Meeting

The first Monday in September 14:30 (4.58 FSB, DH Room)

Computer Science Courses

These commence in the second week of September. Do not miss the initial lectures in these if you are interested in taking them as electives.

Digital Arts & Humanities Modules

Digital Arts and Humanities core module lectures begin the second Tuesday of September.

Change of Module

Students wishing to register a change of module must do so via the Student Portal or at the Student Records and Examinations Office.

Otherwise, you can ensure your registration details are correct via Student Web Services at If your modules are not listed you need to either register for them or contact the Records Office (, Registration Helpdesk: 490 2425/2145/2253) in case of a registration difficulty.

Every effort is made to ensure this information is correct, but circumstances beyond our control may require changes.

The University communicates with students through your student email. It is vital that you check this regularly.


This brochure is intended as the student’s guide to modules and postgraduate programmes on offer in the Digital Arts and Humanities programme. It is valid for the current session only.

Every effort has been made to ensure the contents of this brochure are accurate but no responsibility can is taken for errors or omissions.

Regulations and requirements for modules may vary. It is the responsibility of the student to inform themselves of the particular requirements of each module for which they are registered.

This brochure is not an offer to supply modules or programmes of study nor is it in any way to be construed as imposing a legal obligation on UCC. No guarantee is given that modules, syllabuses or regulations may not be altered, cancelled or otherwise amended at any time.

If you have any questions about the contents of the brochure, please contact one of the staff.