BA DHIT Final Year Projects


  1. Personal Learning Environments: How to assess and validate self-taught subjects
  2. SociaLive will provide an immersive medium for local bands to expose themselves to a wider audience
  3. Interactive Mapping of the Irish Revolution
  4. QReceipt is a smartphone app offering a paperless receipt alternative that can beused universally with participating companies
  5. An Investigation & Visualization of Social Media Trends in correlation with the Immigration Crisis
  6. Mass Data analysis with a focus on finding a story from Data
  7. Map keywords used on social media posts, such as micro blogs (Twitter) as well as image sharing sites (Instagram) to see who is talking about where.
  8. A website to allow people who are interested in going on a J1 to USA and Canada to gather information and learn what works and what doesn’t before they go
  9. A digital tool for collaboration between students studying languages to come together to give the most accurate translations possible.
  10. CrowdDoc is a platform available both on mobile and desktop, where users come together to create documentaries / movies about a topic idea or story.
  11. Create a publicly accessible 3D printer operated by application where printing schematics are purchased.


  1. Using rhetoric in persuasive games and spectrometric methods to present enhanced archaeological data
  2. An interactive experience of the life of Tom Barry
  3. Human interaction information architecture for an accounts payable department
  4. What our newspapers can tell us about Irish peoples’ attitude towards climate change
  5. How social media use affects the mental health and body image of young females in the digital age
  6. What makes a great video game, and how do developers create interesting and engaging experiences for their players?
  7. Personalised gamification for educational training
  8. Human-centred education in virtual reality
  9. Using advanced technologies to enhance learning: An economic study using the Dark Net’s ‘Silk Road’


1. Has the implementation of GDPR changed how different generations view their digital identity?
2. A UX Considerations of Cognitive Biases
3. The visualization of schedules using advanced programmatic techniques
4. St Colmans BNS Macroom Archive
5. Preventing farm deaths using technology.
6. How could artificial intelligence contribute and improve assistive technology for people with disabilities?
7. Changes in education brought about by the use of and dependence on digital tools.
8. Women and The Gothic in American Horror Story
9. Website glossary design for cooperative government agencies
10. Exploring the historical connection between Ireland & Iberia, and establishing an interactive collection around it
11. Children and screen time
12. How Spatial Data can be used to decipher the make-up of virtual worlds
13. Consent in the Digital Space
14. Possible Technological advancements that are needed for Irish farmers to Cope with Climate change
15. Can blockchain technology help prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland
16. Designing a mobile communication-learning application for high-functioning autistic children.
17. How Can We Create Toolkits for Teachers to Create Interactive Games for Primary School Children?
18. Does music changes humans’ mood
19. The loss of our historical knowledge and culture due to the inability of our museums keeping pace with technology.
20. What spaces are of significance to the lives of children with autism
21. Participation of Women and Young Girls in STEM- A Mixed Method Approach
22. Internal Communication mobile app. and the psychological effects of having a good user experience.
23. What are the effects of utilizing spatial optimization & How best can we leverage human data to reduce energy waste
24. Surveying attitudes to sport in the context of social media use across the generations.
25. 3D Data Visualization with AR
26. Can Chromesthesia be evaluated on a spectrum and if so can we train our brains in cross sensory development?
27. A symptom management tool for cancer patients undergoing treatment.
28. Mapping Shakespeare
29. Educational Transcription Learning Game
30. How colour and/or sound affects our ability to retain information
31. The Effects of Music on Students Academic Learnings
32. Digital Mapping – Locations of the Homeless in Cork City Center and the Utilization of Public Spaces
33. The influence of human factors in software testing and QA


  1. Virtual Reality Therapy Dog
  2. Mapping Cultural Desertification
  3. Using computer aided textual analysis and communication models to investigate both the spread of ideologies and actions
  4. Research how interactive media and video gaming elements can engage and involve children and create a more memorable learning experience.
  5. How we consciously and sub-consciously browse the web and apps.
  6. Technology, weather and agriculture.
  7. How Internet of things connects the world
  8. Education Through Interactive Multimedia Experiences With A Focus On Cybersecurity
  9. The True Cost of the Internet: why user’s personal data is so valuable.
  10. How to improve the education and lives of people struggling with Autism in a Digital Age
  11. An Investigation into how Cumann na mBan socially impacted the Irish Revolution 1914-23
  12. Project on Misinformation/Fake News
  13. Using blockchain to give individuals more control over their personal data
  14. Analysing the effects and developments of technology in various sports.
  15. How the push from society has encouraged sustainable brands.
  16. The cultural impacts of the dissolution of Catholicism in modern Irish society.
  17. How smartwatches could be a useful device in terms of healthcare monitoring.
  18. Is there is any correlation between knowledge retention and interactivity in eLearning?
  19. Mapping Cork’s Specialty Coffee
  20. The rise of e-commerce and its effect on local physical retailing.
  21. An Immersive & Interactive Cinema Experience
  22. Reviving Languages with Technology.
  23. Examining the impact of cybersecurity laws on society and predicting future trends and progress.
  24. An Interactive Map of Theatrical Media Consumption.
  25. The evolution of cellular data and the security related issues.
  26. The philosophy of language, specifically the language we use online/digitally.
  27. How To Make Players Forget They’re Playing a Video Game.
  28. Immersive VR/AR/MR experience of Cork.
  29. Computer Assisted Instructions and a new way of learning using computers and software applications to teach.
  30. Investigation into user interface/ operating systems for people with cognitive/learning disabilities.
  31. An analysis of social media reach and measure how far information travels online.
  32. Cork as a SMART City
  33. The Effect of Genres of Video Games on Test-Taking Performance
  34. Machine Learning: the Ethics behind driverless cars
  35. The social implications of eating in company of technology.