Referencing Styles in Digital Arts + Humanities

Throughout your student experience at UCC you will carry out written work for dedicated Digital Arts and Humanities modules as well as modules in humanities minor fields or computer science modules.

Why Cite your Sources?

By citing your references, you demonstrate that you have consulted a wide variety of scholarly sources, considered their contributions to scholarly thought and put time and thought into your research. The general rule of thumb for citing your sources is to enable your readers (and instructors) to clearly see and be able to locate the original sources for your thoughts and ideas.

When you reference another researcher’s work you acknowledge that you have read the work and recognise the original author(s) ideas. This will ensure also that you are not accused of plagiarism.

How to Cite Your Sources

In the Harvard referencing system, the author’s surname and year of publication are cited in the text of your work. The full details of the source are set out in the bibliography at the end of the assignment. This system does not use footnotes or endnotes.

In Digital Humanities we ask that you cite your references using the Harvard Style. We specifically utilise the Harvard Referencing style defined at Anglia Ruskin University as per UCC Library.

A particularly useful style guide manual is available for download: Harvard Style Guide (KCL).

More information s available via the UCC Boole Library website.

How to Automate the Process of Citation Management

To assist your automated creation of these citations we also encourage the use of the Open Source Zotero bibliographic management system. A dedicated UCC Harvard Referencing System template is available for extending Zotero within the Preferences>Cite>Styles within the application and choosing to get additional styles. Here you can search for University College Cork and add the style sheet for our use of Harvard Referencing Style to Zotero.  Other Departments and instructors may ask or expect other referencing styles and it is important to check with module instructors as to their expectations.