Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives

When: Wednesday 6 November, 12 pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives

Máirín MacCarron (Lecturer, Digital Humanities, UCC)

The Women, Conflict and Peace: Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives research project analyses how a selection of writers from the fourth to eighth centuries – including Eusebius of Caesarea, Gregory of Tours and the Venerable Bede – incorporated women and their networks into stories of conflict and peace-building during a period marred by warfare and religious conflict. The team comprises historians and scientists and we use a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods in interrogating our sources. This paper will outline our interdisciplinary methodology, discuss the challenges involved in identifying and classifying gendered networks in early medieval sources, and share our early results.

About the Speaker

Máirín MacCarron is Lecturer in Digital Humanities at UCC and Co-Investigator of the Leverhulme Trust-funded project, Women, Conflict and Peace: Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives. She is author of Bede and Time: Computus, Theology and History in the Early Medieval World (Routledge 2020) and co-editor of Maths Meets Myths: Quantitative Approaches to Ancient Narratives (Springer 2017).

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