Exploring the Heartbeat of Capoeira through a Data-Driven Narrative

In this stunning application of the aestheticisation of metrics, Charlotte Krause brings a new and revealing perspective to the appreciation of this Brazillian martial art. As part of her contemplation of how we can employ data visualisation to both deliver an engaging narrative as well as dig deeper to understand human activity, she skillfully and creatively applies a variety of techniques to illuminate the disparate styles of two senior practitioners of this sport.
Her concise and well-crafted artefact ‘The Heartbeat of Capoeira – Visualizing a Capoeira Game Offers New Insights into the Sport‘ helps introduce the uninformed to this fascinating sport and also suggests a variety of means that can be employed to unpack the tactics and strategies employed by skilfull practitioners as they refine the perfection of their art.

What I need is a similarly deep approach to Cricket so I can get a handle on that unique sport ;-)

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