Stylometric Analysis in a Minoritised Language: A Case Study in Catalan Literature

When: Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 12 pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Presentations last ~30mins, followed by a short discussion

Dr. Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, UCC)


This session will give an overview of the processes, challenges and little triumphs behind the application of digital humanities’ tools and methodologies to the study of Catalan literature. This talk will focus on a particular work in progress stylometric study that aims at tracing the authorial fingerprint of a twentieth-century erotic tetralogy written in Catalan language. By describing the whole process, at times arduous due to the lack of digitised materials in Catalan language, at times greatly enhanced by the multilingual affordances of current DH scholarship, the experiences told may be of interest to literary scholars willing to learn more about text analysis and “DIY” approaches to low-scale digitisation.

About the Speaker

Dr Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez holds a PhD in Catalan Studies and Digital Humanities and Teaches Spanish Language, Translation and DH at UCC. His research looks at literary spaces in the context of Iberian minoritised languages and cultures, particularly through the use of text-mining and GIS to map post-war Catalan literary and cultural heritage. He is also interested in computer-assisted text analysis and the use of digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching.

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