Digital Humanities Master Class: “LDA Topic Modelling”

When: Wednesday, January 24th, 2-5pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, FSB 4.58

Students and faculty are welcome to join Digital Arts & Humanities for a master class on topic modelling. Topic modelling is a natural language processing technique designed to automatically extract the semantic structures within a set of text-based documents.

The class will be given by Dr. Thomas Koentges, Assistant Professor at the Alexander-von-Humboldt Department of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig, Germany. Dr. Koentges is particularly interested in the effects of the organization and delivery of cultural heritage metadata on the work of humanities researchers, the computational research of historical languages, topic modelling, digital stemmatology, and citizen science, as well as the research and production of digital editions and the curation of digital images of manuscripts. His topic-modelling methods have been used when researching Latin literature at the University of Leipzig and have since been applied to other morphologically complex languages, including Ancient Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Persian. Several higher education institutions are using the alpha version of his Latent-Dirichlet-Allocation topic modelling app, (Meletē)ToPān v.0.4. For more, see:

Those attending the Master Class should download and install the tools and packages listed in this “Instructions” document.

Sample datasets will be provided, though participants are also welcome to bring their own text files.

For further information, please contact Dr. Órla Murphy <> or Dr. James O’Sullivan <>.