Irish Creativity and European Connections

Irish Creativity and European Connections

When: Wednesday Nov 28th, 12pm
Where: DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Irish Creativity and European Connections:
Insider or Outsider?

Catherine Bourne

Bourne’s research focuses on the impact of technology on arts practices in virtual spaces, with an emphasis on socially engaged art. She is specifically interested in collaboration and community engagement in the digital sphere. She will be discussing the current outcomes of her research as well as the various activities she has undertaken during the first year of her PhD. In particular, Catherine will present her findings on European attitudes towards and preconceptions of Irish creativity based on cultural dialogues and collaborations undertaken during 2017 – 2018.

About the Speaker

Catherine Bourne is a visual artist, curator and researcher who has a background in arts management and has worked in the Irish and international arts sector for many years in both a creative and administrative capacity. She has previously directed the Bristol Biennial, UK as well as working at the Malakta Art Factory, Finland and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.