Making Making Maps Simpler (and More Effective)

Making Making Maps Simpler (and More Effective)

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I gave a revisit this week. is an #OpenSource platform deployed on MapBox and provided by Uber Labs through GitHub. It provides a graphical interface allowing for the creation of embeddable interactive visualisation of spatial data using a variety of methods and allowing for substantial customisation of the output. It can, of course, be infinitely modifiable to suit a wide range of needs because all of the code is available for your use. It is fast, offers a variety of out-of-the-box visual styles as well as Arc, Line, Point, Hex, Heatmap, Voronoi and 3D building plots.

The 3D aspect is particularly innovative as well as accessible. Not only allowing for full aspect change of 2D geovisualisation provides access to a variety of existing 3D datasets to function as base maps and base materials to ground your own datasets offering wonderful interpretive and analytical possibilities.

If you have spatial data in csv or geojson formats, it’s worth taking a quick test drive and seeing what results you can quickly achieve. Export data formats include csv and geojson, state config for working with further as well as visual output in configurable resolutions.