The User Experience in Immersive Virtual Environments

The User Experience in Immersive Virtual Environments

Date: 28 February 2018, 12:00
Where: Digital Arts and Humanities Active Learning Space

A  convincing Immersive Virtual Environment is a tightly connected human-computer interface that directly inputs to the human sensory organs through digital outputs in the visual, auditory and haptic modalities. The user is active in an extended virtual space made believable as a result of the interactions between the human perceptual system and the computer-generated outputs.  The believability of the user’s sense of “presence” in the virtual environment is related to how well the perceptual system and the computer system interface.

This talk will look at some of the usability issues over the reality-virtual continuum that can lead to the breakdown of the sense of presence in a virtual environment. It will also touch on some of the current web-enabled technologies to deliver virtual content to everyone.

About the Speaker

Vincent  Russell is a second year PhD student in Digital Arts & Humanities at University College Cork. He completed a BSc in Business Information Systems in 1999 and an MSc in  Multimedia Technology in 2001, both at UCC. After graduation, he moved to London to work in the music and media industry as a multimedia developer eventually moving into the area of digital marketing. His research interests include Extended Reality (virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality) as well as natural and tangible user interfaces.