UCCDH Research Colloquium 19/20

University College Cork’s Digital Arts & Humanities Research Colloquium draws speakers from across Cork’s research community (and from beyond). Bringing together subject experts and postgraduate students, the event fosters multidisciplinary exchange while exposing students and faculty to new concepts, methods, and projects.

For any queries relating to this event, please contact James O’Sullivan.

Presentation Recordings

Past presentations are available online:
UCC Panopto


Seminars are held in the:
DH Active Learning Space, Food Science Building 4.58

Schedule 2019 / 20

Semester 1

September 2512 pmPhilip Bourke (IT Carlow / UCC)
How Player Classification Informs Game Design
October 212 pmColin Manning (CIT)
Copyright in the Digital Age
October 912 pm Dave Murphy (UCC)
Some thoughts and considerations on VR development
October 1612 pmProf Brendan Dooley (UCC)
Lorenzo Allori
Carlotta Paltrinieri
Euronews: What’s Happening Now?
October 2312 pmMax Darby (UCC)
What if your Bible was an algorithm? A comparison of Artificial Intelligence and Religion
October 3012 pmXiao Shuang (UCC)
Studying the Use of Colour in Ancient Paintings
November 612 pmMáirín MacCarron (UCC)
Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives
November 1312 pmChristopher Clarke (Glucksman, UCC)
Curating IRL: net.art, new media and post-internet art
November 2012pmEmma Horgan (Special Collections, UCC)
Born Digital and Digital Remastering: An introduction to the preservation challenges

Semester 2

January 2212 pmPádraig MacCarron (UL)
Complex networks of complex narratives
January 2912 pmAna Bazzan, Sílvio Dahmen & Sandra Prado
February 512 pmKathy O’Hare (UCC)
February 1212 pmAdil Cahit Ansaroglu (UCC)
February 1912pmElaine Harrington & John Hough (UCC)
February 2612pmCatherine Bourne (UCC)
March 412pmPedro Nilsson-Fernàndez(UCC)
March 2512pmAlan Carbery (UCC)